Platters Served 8 – 10 People  (prices can be change without notice)

Platters are delivered chilled

Served on disposable platters


Please Note: Prices include VAT.


Deluxe Savoury Platter   (12 Items per platter

 Mini Meatballs, Mini chicken Kebabs, Samoosas, Pork Chipolates wrap in Bacon, Mini Quiche, Mini Sausage Rolls 


Savoury Platter 

 Samoosas, Spring Rolls, Sausage Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Cocktail Sausages, Chicken Drumsticks


Chicken Platter  

 Selection of Seasonal Nuggets, Drum Sticks, Wings, kebabs, mini  Vetkoek filled with Chicken Mayo


Chicken and Rib  ( 12 Items per platter

1kg Ribs, Drumsticks, Wings, Drummets 


Mini Meat Kebab   (12 Items per platter

BBQ Beef Kebabes, Pork Kebebas, Lamb Kekebas, Chciekn Kebabs


Cold Meat Platter  (20 Items per platter

Delicious selection of continental meats including Olive Salami  Horns, ham and Asparagus Rolls, Devilled Eggs, 


Proudly SA Platter  

 Taste of Some of SA’s favorites like cocktails vetkoed and mince, mini boere rolls with chakalaka, mini prego steak rolls Grille Chicken pieces and bobotie Tartlets 


Biltong and Cheese  

 A selection of  local cheese served with preserves, Biscuits Cocktail Roll, Slice Biltong, Droe wors and Biltong Sticks


Cheese Platter   

 Selection of local cheese, grilled peppers, feta Filled peppadews, pickled Vegetables and biscuits


Greek Platter 

 Selection of disp ( hummus, taramosalata, tzatziki Mini Pita Breads, Feta Cheese Olives, Cucumber and Spanakopita’s 



 Crudite Platter 

 For the Healthy at Heart  - A selection of Crunchy Seasonal Vegetables,  Served with a Cream chees Dip


 Meat Platter Platter  

 Sticky ribs, chicken wings, beef kebabs, meatballs, chicken kebabs, bacon wrapped sausages and cocktail cheese grillers.


Bambino Platter  

Something for the Bambino’s  20 Mini Cheese Burgers, 10 x Mini hotdogs, mini  Chicken Burgers

 Served with a tomato sauce


Sweet Platter  

 6 Apple Danishes 6 Custard Danish, 6 Cupcakes, 6 Cocktail Swiss Rolls, 12 Koeksisters, 6 Milk Tarts


Fruit Kebab Platter   (25 kebabs

 A Selection of Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cubes on a Skewer



Breakfast Platter  

Selection of 6 Mini Muffins, 6 Ham & cheese Filled Croissants, 6 Quiches, 6 Scones with Jam and Cream, 6 Danish Pastries


Muffin Platter   (30 Muffins)

Selection of Muffins served with preservatives


Cupcake Platter   (30 Cupcakes

 Selection of Dainty Cupcakes, (Lovely mix of colours 

Spit Braai Menu








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Potjie Menu

Potjie only R140 per person  Minimum of 30 people

Traditional Potjie of your choice, with Rice or Samp, 1Hot side option of your choice, 

A choice of the following are available

Chicken Potjie

Lamb Potjie  

Beef Potjie

Oxtail Potjie (SQ) Contact Us for Pr


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Dessert Side Dishes

We use the best products available.

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Lasange Menu

Each Tray can serve 20 Portions



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