Braai Menu
1. Main Course: - a choice of (3) two of the following
                     T-Bone Steak

Sirlion Steak

Chicken Leg

Tenderised Steak


Pork Loin Chop

Chicken Thigh

Rump Steak

Lamb Chops

Pork Leg Chop

Kebabs ( Chicken or Beef or Pork) 


2. Hot Side Dishes – a choice of   (2) two  of the following:
                 South African Pap and Chalalaka
                 Potato Bake with onions
                 Pan Pap with cheese

                 Baby Potatoes with onion with Thyme and Garlic
                 Cream Spinach
                 Roasted Butternut with burned Sage Butter
                 Roasted Veggies
                 Cauliflower and Broccoli Bake with cheezy white sauce
                 Savory Veggie Rice
                 Filled Onion with Savory Rice
                 Sweet Chilli Corn on the Cob
                 Pumpkin Fritters


3. Home-made Salads – a choice of (2) two of the following:
                 Baby Potato Salad
                 Greek Salad - Feta
                 Italian Salad - Mozzarella Cheese
                 Beetroot and Feta Salad
                 Summer Bean Salad
                 German Coleslaw
                 Carrot and Pineapple Salad
                 Baby Spinach and Bacon Salad
                 Potato, Egg and Spring Onion Salad
                 Biltong and Peppadew Pasta Salad.
                 Feta Bacon Butternut Couscous Salad
                 BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad
                 Rocket Pear & Blue Cheese Salad


4. Assorted Bread Roll & Butter display.


5. All Condiments.
Crockery and Cutlery (excluding glasses) as well as the necessary heating equipment and
tablecloths for the food tables will be provided at no extra cost.









Dessert Side Dishes

We use the best products available.

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Platters Served 10 – 12 People  (prices can be change without notice)

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Starters Menu


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Potjie Menu

Potjie only R130 per person  Minimum of 30 people

Traditional Potjie of your choice, with Rice or Samp, 1Hot side option of your choice, 2 Salads of your choice 

A choice of the following are available

Chicken Potjie

Lamb Potjie  

Beef Potjie

Oxtail Potjie (SQ) Contact Us for Price.



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